Activa Compression Support Stocking Liners 3 Pack 10mmHg


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The liners provide 10mmHg light compression for maintenance therapy, palliative care and for patients non concordant with higher levels of compression, working on the assumption that some compression is better than none.The liners are available on FP/GP10 and come in packs of 3.Activa liners can be layered to provide higher levels of compression. This means either wearing one 10mmHg liner on top of another i.e.2 x 10mmHg liners = 20mmHgOr, the liner can be worn under a higher compression stocking. The silky liner material enables the top stocking to slip easily over the leg. This can be easier to put on than a single high compression garment i.e.1 x 10mmHg liner + Activa British Standard 14-17mmHg = 25mmHgBefore purchasing hosiery, Activa recommend that you contact a nurse, GP or pharmacist to ensure that compression hosiery is appropriate for you. If so, your legs will then need to be measured to obtain the correct size and to ensure that the hosiery works properly and feels comfortable

  • 10mmHg Compression
  • Truly classic style with ultimate comfort in mind – The latest knitting technology produces an almost seamless transition between toe, heel and welt, reducing friction and improving comfort.
  • Assisting you with fight against venous conditions – Alleviating the most common visual and physical symptoms of venous related problems.
  • High quality low price – the knock out blow – A cheap price for superior quality in fabrics and top level manufacturing not only used by the NHS but recommened by medical health proffesionals across the UK. Who wouldn’t give them a try?
  • Sizing & Measurement Guidelines – In order to work effectively graduated compression hosiery must be the correct size and apply the right amount of pressure to the leg. It is essential that accurate measurements are taken, you can view the sizing instructions in the size chart image in the product photos.