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Chaffree – Women Briefs Midi or High Waist

The Chaffree women’s underwear is snug fit premium garment designed for comfort allowing ladies to stay confident, cool and dry and remain in total physical control and calm in different postures and while performing workouts or doing day to day related activities. It is durable, lightweight, seamless, stretchy fabric. It has no irritating labels or extended itching threads. It is soft and cosy flexible fabric with a second skin feel avoiding friction between body and underwear while movement or in relaxing mode.

The Chaffree Women Briefs Midi or High Waist are ladies traditional panty style briefs offering gentle all round comfort with a tailored cut leg opening that ensures maximum circumference to reduce tightness around the leg. It comes with a choice of midi or full waist. The Chaffree ladies briefs are stylish, practical and comfortable that avoids thigh, bum and stomach sweating and chafing due to high friction and perspiration. It ideally covers ladies of different age groups and sizes, shapes and fitness.

The COOLMAX® fabric is breathable and wicking with inbuilt moisture management system keeping users dry and cool by absorbing and evaporating sweat by moving perspiration out of the body and helps reducing heat, irritation and other ailing attributes that cause skin diseases supporting you to get in comfort, style and confidence.

About Chaffree
Chaffree is an acronym for Chafe – Frer and it is developed from a personal need. We believe that underwear is personal and you should feel confident, comfortable and irritation free in it as you may wear it every day or 24/7. We provide outstanding customer service, excellent products and quick after sales service.

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  • The Chaffree – Women Briefs Midi or High Waist is a clothing comfort and life statement of today’s women upgraded with the need of style, essence and endurance. The innerwear is special preference given to the female body and is meant to relieve stress and is breathable cosy fabric.
  • Womens Briefs Midi or High Waist have Midi/Full Waist and are Seamless & Stretchy with Anti-Bacterial properties.
  • Lightweight, quick drying and machine washable Keeps skin cool, dry and comfortable and is made from the high performance wicking fabric COOLMAX®.
  • Latex Free aiding full relief from Sweat and Chafing. Sizes from Small to 3XL and Midi or Full waist design with thick waist band for a snug fit.If you are in-between sizes then please order the smaller size as the garments are stretchy and are very generous. i.e. if you are a UK 12-14 then please order S/M.
  • Also available in pack of 5 or 3 pieces, visit our store. We are selling very fast! When unavailable; you can add this item to your Wish list or drop us a mail and we will let you know when we get it back.