GFM Large Size Evening Scarf Shawl Stole Pashmina Style Hijab Head Scarf with Sparkle or Pearls


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Sparkle Scarves:
NOTE: For Sparkle Scarf , Sparkle is difficult to photograph on some colors. However , it is present on all of them. Please enlarge/zoom photo to see.
Large Size pashmina , Evening Wrap , Stole , Shawl , Hijab , Head Scarf with sparkle throughout. Sparkle is very fine. The scarf look elegant and stunning.
Approximate Dimensions:(L:160 cm x W:110 cm)
Material : Cotton & Viscose Mix
Note the sparkle is present on Light Grey & Beige scarf also, however due to reflection in camera lens , the sparkle is difficult capture in the photos.
Unlike other sparkle items, the sparkle on this scarf doesn’t come off easily with the touch hand etc.
Note: The Sparkle is in Silver Tone except for Light Silver Grey/Gold, Mustard/Gold , Black/Gold , Berry Red/Gold, Dark Mustard/Gold scarf where it is in Gold Tone.

Style 1 with Pearls :
Beautiful Faux Pearl Embellished Scarf Wrap. Suitable for special occasions such as Weddings, Bridal or Bridesmaids Wear & Evening Wear.
Soft Sheer fabric – Pearls Fixed at the regular intervals on 4 sides (i.e edges) of the scarf.
Approx Size: L: 180 cm x 95 cm. Large Size

With Pearls & Sparkle Version
Approximate Dimensions:(L:160 cm x W:110 cm)
Large Size pashmina style scarf with sparkle throughout
Pearls clamped on the scarf

  • Large Size but Light & Soft ; Material : Cotton & Viscose Mix ; The scarf looks elegant and stunning.