Ladies 8 Piece Pack Shoe Monkeys Strap Strips In 2 Colours


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Shoe straps often just aren’t as helpful as we’d like them to be. Whether it’s sandals, sling backs or even thong shoes, straps can be very hard on your feet, digging in uncomfortably, causing irritation, rubbing, raw patches and blisters – yuk. Now you can easily nip blisters in the bud before they start with Shoe Monkey Strap Strips, designed to discreetly place a cushion between your feet and shoe straps to stop any potential causes of discomfort. Shoe Monkey Strap Strips are made from Poron, a breathable, anti-microbial performance material that can be cut easily for a perfect fit. Each packet of Shoe Monkey Strap Strips contains eight slim strips. Used with other Shoe Monkeys, such as Shoe Monkeys Heel Cushions and Shoe Monkeys Foot Cushions for complete freedom from sore feet!(11/12)

  • 8 Piece Pack
  • Cushioning against painful shoe straps
  • Protects against rubbing and blisters
  • Special performance anti-bacterial, breathable material
  • Cut to fit