Luxurious Super Lightweight Edgies Briefs with Breathable Silicone Edge gives No VPL, Classic, Laser Cut or Lace


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These Briefs are so Lightweight you Won’t Know You’re even Wearing Them. The Fabric Moulds to your Body and has a Luxurious and Sumptuous Feel. The Wonderful Edge® Silicone Finish on the Legs Prevents Wedgies and Remains Invisible Under your Clothes, Therefore Eliminating the Visible Panty Line. Available in 4 Different Styles, Classic, Laser Cut, Lace or Premium.

  • Brief Looks Invisible Under Even the Tightest of Clothing, Therefore Eliminating the Visible Panty Line.
  • They Will Stay in Place All Day Long Due to a Breathable Wonderful Edge® Silicone on the Legs Which Prevents Riding up and Wedgies.
  • Garment Moulds to your Body Giving You That Luxurious and Sumptuous Feel.
  • Super Lightweight Fabric Means You’ll Forget You’re Even Wearing Them
  • Sold and Dispatched by Shapewear Solutions where Quality is Assured and Speedy Delivery is Guaranteed